My New Replica Watches


I am so angry my replacement watch arrived today that I have been struggling since August to get sorted because my original order was broken. I then paid an extra £15 to cover postage for my new Replica Watches UK. In previous emails I sent every detail to ensure you knew what watch I ordered which was a lady’s date just but guess what you,very sent me a totally different watch! I’ve received a men’s yacht master! I’ve totally had enough now. What are you going to do about this? I will take this further I’m not paying any more money and I either want a full refund of the money I’ve paid or the correct watch that I originally ordered in working condition. This is the last chance to sort this out. I have every copy of emails sent, orders placed and money paid along with details of this and all other websites that you have and I will take it further! I expect a reply to this email as soon as possible.

I just want to ask why the shipping is so expensive for such a small item? With the original order it was free. I ordered and paid for this watch on 13th August so it has taken three and a half months to get this sorted and I’ve still got to wait for the new one to be delivered. I think a reduced shipping fee should be offered to me for the trouble I have had! I will pay the fee that we agree via PayPal as soon as you confirm the amount and confirm my new Replica Watches will be dispatched.

The Cost of Sending The Replica Breitling Watches Back


Please tell me why it is I should have the cost and expense of sending the Replica Breitling Watches  back?

I cancelled this order three days before you actually sent the order out and have proof of this from PayPal and via the tracking order.

Firstly, I demand you credit me for the Replica Breitling which was never sent out which was £72.41. This can be put back onto my email I supplied in previous message. This is the least you can do.

You have treated me in a terrible manner and clearly only care about ripping people off and never giving them their money back after sending incorrect and faulty products!

I am in the IT industry and it will not be too difficult to begin a web forum to tell the world how not to use your company as it is only interested in bad and corrupt business! I have been in business 20 years and never tried ripping people off and am very honorable.

I am sick of sending you these messages. Do the right and honorable thing and take responsibility for your errors and actions.

Send Me New Replica Watches


To be honest I would have liked to have known about this additional charge before the transaction went ahead. Feels underhanded to only see it when I check my statement (even if there could have been a disclaimer on your website to say this).

Please can you confirm that I have now met your security standards and advise when I am to receive my purchase? Rather than money off my next purchase, if you could arrange for fast shipping that would be greatly appreciated and make me more inclined to buy from you again and recommend you to my friends.

This Replica Watches UK literally fell apart after 16 days of using. I don’t have access tints internet that often. So please do something about this.

This product probably coast you $15-25 and you would like to shut down your PayPal account because of this. I have the capability of canceling your website and shutting down your PayPal account.  So please before further action. I would like to send you this broken item and I would like to get the same exact one but it needs to be brand new and working I don’t mind it being a replica. Just please be a good costumer service and send me new Replica Watches. I have all the emails confirming my payment including a receipt I will send you this broken item with no problem. I just want to know if you are going to send me one or do I have to keep emailing you about this inconvenience.

Useless Replica Watches


I finally received my watch last week. However, it has the following problems.

It goes no longer than a few minutes at the very most without stopping again upon winding.
I cannot pull the mainspring out to alter the face hands.
Therefore, as this Replica Watches UK is effectively useless can you please either send me a full working replacement asap or refund my original purchase price in full.

You guys think that I am stupid to believe your excuse this time. You have only one stock in your possession.

You think that you can get away with this? I will ruin your company on-line, I can promise you that.

You and Paul have different story, he said he will sent me my tracking number Saturday.  PayPal will deal with you, I’m sick and tired.

Of your excuses. You don’t have the intentions to ship my Replica Watches. It’s been two weeks already. Your company is the first who did this to me.

I will escalate a claim to PayPal stating that you are fraud and scammers kind of company which don’t have the intentions to ship my watch at all.

They deal with you and collect my money, I will embarrass your company on-line.

Replica Cartier


I did go trough the PayPal process last night when I purchased the Replica  Cartier watch and it seems like the money have left my credit card.

Please confirm and I will check with the bank again tomorrow.

I received the watch today. Unfortunately the person does not like it and we will need to change it. It is still wrapped hasn’t been worn. Please give me an address to send the Cartier Replica watch back and I need to include in the package and I will email you the new code.

PayPal let me until to the 2016-01-23, for change the litigation in complaint, I don’t like make that but you let me no choice because after this date pay pal close the litigation.
So if I am not receive the refund you promise in this email, Friday I clam PayPal to proceed with complaint, today its the twelve working days I make the litigation to you please understand my position, I am so sorry with that situation, I like a regulation to stay friendly with your company.

Omega Replica Watches


I have checked on the Royal Mail Trace & Trace and all I get is ‘acceped’. Can you please advise me where to look for the correct tracking of my order, which still has not arrived.

Please explain! As far as I am concerned, you have taken my money and I do not have a watch.

I am getting a bit tired of this.  If it is not here by the morning,  I will be contacting EBAY.

I am unable to track this order (see previous emails), and am getting concerned that it has not arrived yet.

As per my previous emails, if this Omega replica does not arrive by tomorrow morning,  I will be contacting EBAY and leaving feedback about your company.

Please let me know what is the current status of the order.

It is Monday 20th August, and my watch has still NOT arrived.

Can you please tell me where my Omega Replica UK is?  You indicated in your last email that it has been despatched, can you tell me what carrier was used and how to track this, as the link you gave me doesn’t tell me anything.

Please reply, or I will think this is a scam and inform EBAY and the media.

Replica Breitling


I am very disappointed that you have not continued to try to help me.   It is very disturbing to come to the conclusion that your company is possibly cheating people.   Please prove that I am wrong by answering my questions as to how the winder mechanism works by responding to my specific questions thereon. I am prepared to pay the extra 15 pounds on two conditions. First that you give me a written guarantee that the replacement Replica Breitling watch will work reliably and second that you send me a Mont Blanc pen at an appreciably reduced price. I’ve tried to pay the £15 even though you have not answered my questions about the guarantee and the Mont Blanc pen. But although I paid for the first watch with my direct debit card, I could not pay the £15 with it.   Can you solve this problem for me. As I’ve told you many times, I’m prepared to pay the 15 pounds to obtain a guaranteed Replica Breitling UK.   Just tell me how to use my direct debit card to pay.

Buy Cheap Replica Watches UK


Can you please tell me why my order no. 20151991 for the cheap replica watches UK rose gold  had been charged to my credit card the amount of £359.15 when your website showed a price of £308 ? Also I thought that my order was placed with a UK web sight, so why has my money been taken by Fuchengmaoyi Bejing. I am not at all happy about the price I am paying compared to the price you advertised it at. I should be charged the price that you show in your website. Please explain the price difference and why is coming from Beijing when your website shows that you have the Replica Watches Sale in stock.