So Slightly Out Of Proportion

I’ve been wearing Rolex replica UK for 20 years and many have been just shy of being perfect. I’ve had a love hate relationship with the deep sea. Ive owned 3, and flipped them every time – even making money on the cameron model. It was just too top heavy, and the bracelet was ever so slightly out of proportion.

The new 126600 is 43mm, so its differentiating itself from the submariner without breaking what i would class as the 44mm sweet spot — so that works for me. Its thinner than the deep sea so its more comfortable and fits under a shirt easier.

The lugs are 1mm wider than the deepsea, and the Replica Watches themself are 1mm smaller. That 2mm makes a huge difference to the overall appearance. They are also flush now, and not misaligned. This is a good thing and resolves one of my issues before.

Still overall, this has been 10 years in the making and i think its best Replica watches UK in a very long time.