The Short Story Rolex Have On Their Current Daytona Dial Is Ooff-Putting

Philosophical discussions on whether this should be done/allowed and whether the price is justified aside, I actually like this. Like some other commenters also said, this is the Daytona Rolex should make. I love the clean dial. The short story Rolex have on their current Daytona dial is off-putting.

I can understand why someone would want something like this. The gorgeous looks of a classic Rolex replica uk with the underpinnings of a modern one. Almost like putting the mind-boggingly pretty 356 body on a Porsche Boxster.

I thinks it looks great regardless of what Rolex thinks. Bamford spray coats Rolex cases and charges a ridiculous premium for it . Here they actually put a lot of effort to make a well rounded watch that to me looks better than the current Daytona model. I am not a fan of the steel bezel on the current model so this bakelite one is a nice piece. Overall a great effort but it will be hard to double up on price when you could have a black and a white dial replica Rolex sale for one of these.